06 September 2011


 ...About this time last year. The weather gods have not impressed me today, no sir-ee, and consequently have brought on a case of the holiday blues as they say. This time last year I was on the beautiful island of Rhodes in a little town called Lindos with gorgeous weather and clear blue seas (if not too many fish). The best 20th birthday present a girl could have wished for. Unfortunately, it will be a few more weeks or so yet before I am able to take a holiday this year and I fear that my budget will not buy the spectacular weather I crave. So, for now, I will simply muse through last year's photos and wait my turn. 

Apartment View
EXTRA ordinary

This is how they drink beer in Rhodes. This is how they drink a SMALL beer in Rhodes. 


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful there,

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  2. BEAUTIFUL photos!

    Helen, x

  3. it was incredibly beautiful, i miss greece! x