Blog Roll

I always enjoy finding new, insightful reads to add to my own blog roll, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite reads with you. A mix of beauty, fashion, vintage and lifestyle, I hope you'll find something enjoyable amongst this wonderfully eclectic selection:

Charlie - Charlestown Vintage
Danielle - Dancing Through The Fire
Emily - Emily Has Dimples
Emma - Kisses and Cross Stitches
Gillian - ElevatorMusik
Jade - A Little Lipstick
Jazzy Elizabeth - Hivenn
Jaymie - By Jaymie
Katy - Caught Up In Cake
Katy - Kansas Couture
Lauren - Me and Moustaches
Lizzie - Blue October
Mandy - Grace and Viola
Rebecca - Beauty Becca
Rebecca - World of Wishful Thinkers
Rebekah - D is for Dangerous
Sarah - The Girl About Town
Sara Louise - Waiste
Selin - The Tuesday Girl
Sofia - Sofia's Journal
Terri - Hello, Terri Lowe

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