13 November 2012

Live To Tell The Tale

The last few weeks have absolutely flown by. It is strange to think that in less than four weeks time I will have completed my course and Christmas will almost be upon us. Before I can even begin to dream about that glorious Christmas break there is a lot of work that stands in my way and I am so determined to make the most of it and achieve the results I so desperately covet.

Throwing myself into a world of fast paced learning has been such a change of life style compared to the laid back methods us university graduates have become so accustomed to. My days are jam packed with media law, public affairs, endless hours of shorthand and sub-editing. Then on top of that there's the small task of going out into the world to find real stories to be published. Every break time is filled with revision, emails and occasionally, a  truly fascinating and insightful talk.

As a result the time to browse ASOS, to pick out my weekly favourites, to write about new products I have found and would love to review and to have a good ol' rant about one topic or another have become few and far between.

And truth be told, I've missed keeping up this bog. It took a lot of courage for me to publish my blog to the world and despite those who mock because they don't get it, every post I've written on here has been a pleasure to produce. Some make me question what I was thinking when I pressed 'publish' and others make me proud of how I've grown as a writer.

Everyday without fail there is a blogger who starts their post with 'sorry I haven't posted for a while.' So rather than be an apology to the 281 subscribers who have so very kindly chosen to acknowledge Hyper Heart, this post is more of a promise to put more into this blog because, actually, it may still be small in comparison to how others have grown, but I think it has done all right.

Here's a little snippet of how I've been putting my journalist skills to good use with my fellow students, enjoy!