31 August 2011

I Covet Thee, DP


So, day 2 of my work placement with my local paper and it's going just swimmingly! Yesterday when I arrived I was sent out straight away with the paper's photographer to photograph a local couple who were celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary, yes, DIAMOND. 60 years of marriage, can you imagine? Bloody 'ell... It's not really front-page-news-read-all-about-it stuff but they're letting me get really involved in what they do which is what I was hoping for; I haven't made one cup of tea or coffee, THEY bring ME hot drinks. And kit kats, gotta love the kit kats. In the afternoon I then worked with the events department and spent quite a few hours on the phone arranging an exhibition that's going to be held in November in my town. Safe to say I felt like a broken record by the end of the day. All part of the experience though!

Today I went to the Magistrates Court with one of the reporters which is one of the most horrible, horible places I have ever been to. It was really fascinating sitting in on the hearings but my word it is grim. One boy did get sent to prison for this and that (Eastbournians can read about it on Friday). ''TAKE HIM DOWN.'' Favourite part of the day. 

So, with an hour and a half to kill for lunch I had a ponder around the shops and Dorothy Perkins is not looking all too shabby at the mo. Eastbourne hasn't got the largest selection of shops, so looking through their website as well I managed to find a few more items to piece together this week's I Covet Thee post. Enjoy!

29 August 2011

Work It Out

 1 - Topshop, 2 - Dorothy Perkins, 3 - Dorothy Perkins, 4 - Dorothy Perkins, 5 - Miss Selfridge

1 - River Island, 2 - Asos, 3 - Dorothy Perkins, 4 - Dorothy Perkins

1 - Topshop, 2 - H&M 3 - Fiorelli, 4 - Topshop, 5 - Topshop

I am a little bit excited about tomorrow as I am off to do some work experience with my local newspaper for the week! I'm looking forward to getting a proper insight into what goes into making a newspaper and hopefully I'll come out the other side still set on becoming a writer (hold the tea and coffee making PER-lease!) 

For the past week or so I have been fretting over what I should wear. I think so many people imagine 'smart dress code' to mean limiting yourself to black and white pencil skirts and buttoned up blouses. So, whilst casually browsing through some on line high street sites, I decided that for today's post I would assemble a few outfits that I think fit the 'smart dress code' mould but break the 'black and white is smart' cliché. 

My favourite pieces have got to be the Topshop Klover Gold Trim Suede Shoes and the Miss Selfridge Vintage Leather Briefcase; I want them more than a fat kid wants cake. Gosh darn those extortionate price tags. Now, where's my boyfriend...

28 August 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

What else to do on a Sunday evening than have a good ol' night in with the girls, Ann Summers party stylee! My friend recently became an Ann Summers rep so we thought we'd help her out by having a party with her. I'm sure a few glasses of wine will be consumed along the way too just to help things run smoothly! I'm really looking forward to it actually, 'tis a rare occasion when we are all able to get together; full time jobs just have no consideration for our wannabe social lives. Now, I have never been one to take photos of myself, honestly I haven't, but I wanted a new profile picture so voila! 

Happy Sunday :) 

27 August 2011

Make Me Over

I've become a bit over obsessed with playing around with my blog's layout, changing the header, or the post title colour or font or background; I didn't feel that it looked like a real blog. But finally I think I have found a layout that I really, really like! I downloaded the header design from Shabby Blogs (is that cheating?) who have some stunning designs for headers, backgrounds, post dividers etc. Thank you very much! They also directed me to a site called Fotoflexer where I was able to easily edit my title (I'm a total techno phobe) and ta da! Shiny new blog design.

26 August 2011

Take A Look

In my little town of Eastbourne, you will rarely see me wearing heels. In my little city of Canterbury, after 10pm it is likely that you will see me in heels. Being a petite fille I should probably make better use of the heels that I have, but at home I find my close friends rarely dare to wear their 6 inch skyscrapers and I follow suit; whereas at uni I would be swamped by giants if I didn't cave and bare the pain of them. Does anybody else have this dilemma? Don't get me wrong, I do love heels, but I'm just a bit of a sucker for flats (they're just so comfy!) So, while I was in Southampton I came across these high heeled boots in New Look and as I had a voucher and my 10% student discount AND the girls all had heels to wear I was somehow talked into purchasing them! I tried on several pairs but some were quite weird and made me look like I had midget feet, now I'm talking really tiny! These ones, thankfully, did not and I am now the proud owner of them. Craving some Chelsea boots now though, I'm not gonna lie.

23 August 2011

Absolutely Fabulous

Topshop: Vintage Lace Swing Dress

Okay, so I know I rave on about Topshop a lot on here as I do love almost everything in stock at the mo and I have already mentioned this dress in the I Covet Thee, Topshop post that I did a couple of weeks back... But when I got home today this dress had arrived and I cannot praise it enough; my word it is beautiful! I'm very, very tempted to say that it is my favourite dress purchase ever! (Bold statement, I know, you don't have to tell me!) I cannot believe that I was ever hesitant to buy it, my palms are sweating at the thought of it having passed me by.... As soon as I can find a room with better lighting and a more aesthetically pleasing background than that which my bedroom has to offer, I will do an outfit post for this!

Okay, enough gushing, time to get a grip! 

22 August 2011

I Covet Thee, Yayer

Left: Riviera Skater Dress
Right: Girl Happy Lace Dress
Left: Night Stalker Panel Dress
Right: Lace Craft Dress

This week I am coveting Yayer, a site I only discovered recently and am thankful for coming into my life. These dresses are just a sample of the fabulous designs that they have in their 'modern' section; beautifully edgy with a feminine touch. These were my favourite pieces in their collection at the moment and I desperately want to own at least one of them. They are so very worth a checking out! 

19 August 2011

Eau de Parfum

Apologies for my absence but Southampton called this week. I had a fabulous time with some wonderful girls full of lunch dates, cocktails and  some absolute classic 90's choons, which ended in my dear friend face down in the middle of the dance floor as a result of shaking her tail feathers just a wee bit too hard! 'Twas a bloody good night :) 

And now it's all pefume perfume perfume...

Dolce and Gabanna The One for Women 
Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
Gucci Guilty
Chanel Chance
Flora by Gucci

I could spend an entire day in a perfume shop admiring the countless beautiful fragrances that en-capture my senses. My ultimate favourite perfume to beat all rival perfumes is, without the smidgen of a doubt, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. No matter how many new fragrances I try, I highly doubt that I will ever find one to top it! It is the most beautiful smell that I have ever smelt. A few of my other close favourites are pictured and listed above and there are plenty more that I could add to the list; Dior J'adore, Lancôme Ô de L'Orangerie, Calvin Klein Truth... 

For Christmas my mum bought me the Chanel Chance but with a difference! It's the small travel twist bottle (pictured above) which is amazing! It's so convenient, it comes with 3 refill bottles and is the perfect size to fit in your handbag/travel bag. And, as the glass refill bottle isn't on show there's pretty much zero chance of it spilling or breaking and basically I just love that it's a bit different! 

And when it comes to aftershave my list is just as long. Here are some of my favourite male scents. My favourite would have to be Dolce and Gabanna The One OR Givenchy Play... (It usually depends on which one I am smelling at the time if I'm to be totally honest!)

Jean Pul Gaultier Le Male
Dolce and Gabanna The One
Paco Rabanne 1 Million 
Givenchy Play
Davidoff Adventure

Any suggestions???

12 August 2011

I Covet Thee, Topshop

Top l-r : Wolf Zip Back Tank, Coral Crochet Lace Collar Swing Top, Double Pocket Spot Shorts, Knitted       Mohair Cocoon Cardi
Bottom l-r : Petite Vintage Lace Swing Dress, Open Back Playsuit by Rare, Arrow Tan Cross Buckle Strap Ankle Boots, Chocolate Suede Square Satchel

So, I am still getting used to having a blog. I have a few ideas buzzing around inside my little head which I am eager to test out and one of those is to do a weekly wish-list-type-thing. Browsing through the Topshop website I fell head over heels again and again, but after much um-ing and ahh-ing, I selected the pieces above for my 'I Covet Thee' week 1! The only item above that I own is the oh too stylish suede satchel bag but in the lighter 'Biscuit' colour as it's so called. Steeply priced at £50, but I am going to wear it to death! Being real suede as well it is sure to age beautifully. I have the white version of the coral top, the only difference being that it has a very thin black lace bow tie detail on the peter pan collar. A very well chosen birthday present! 

The other items above, I am truly lusting over; I adore slouchy, oversized woolly cardigans and tanned ankle boots are a massive weakness of mine. Anything with wolves or stags on is sure to catch my eye; add polka dots and stripes to that list and you can see why my collage appears as it does. Oh, and vintage style lace dresses? You have my heart in your hand.          

08 August 2011

My Casio Tone

After agonising over whether I prefer blue over purple or purple over blue, my heart went with blue. I bought this Casio watch on line a couple of days ago and I'm totally in love. I am also using every ounce of willpower not to run back and buy the purple one too! Gosh darn my limited spending allowances...

03 August 2011

I am Melita Kiely

It seems strange to be writing to zero followers but everyone has to start somewhere, right? I have been mulling over starting a blog for a while now, casually browsing over blogs I have stumbled across here and there looking for some sort of inspiration, and today I just decided to set one up and see what springs to mind. I think the sun coming out to play inspired me to do something different today. So I'm going to use this first post to tell y'all a little about myself: 

My name is Melita Marta Kiely. I'm 21 years old am currently studying French and Philosophy at the University of Kent. 

I live in the Sunshine Coast, Eastbourne, which is in East Sussex. The Sunshine Coat because word on the street is that we have the most hours of sunlight a year in the whole if the UK! 

So, I'm starting my blog on 03/08/2011, a beautiful sunny day and even more importantly, my day off!

I did try to plan this blog before starting it. I've been pondering for a couple of months now but the ideas in my head are so messy I decided to scrap any plan and just type whatever first springs to mind! I think this blog is mainly going to be about fashion, music and literature which are all loves of mine! 

I'm pretty certain that I want to be a writer, I'm just not 100% sure what I want to write about. Hopefully this blog will help me organise my messy brain...