26 August 2011

Take A Look

In my little town of Eastbourne, you will rarely see me wearing heels. In my little city of Canterbury, after 10pm it is likely that you will see me in heels. Being a petite fille I should probably make better use of the heels that I have, but at home I find my close friends rarely dare to wear their 6 inch skyscrapers and I follow suit; whereas at uni I would be swamped by giants if I didn't cave and bare the pain of them. Does anybody else have this dilemma? Don't get me wrong, I do love heels, but I'm just a bit of a sucker for flats (they're just so comfy!) So, while I was in Southampton I came across these high heeled boots in New Look and as I had a voucher and my 10% student discount AND the girls all had heels to wear I was somehow talked into purchasing them! I tried on several pairs but some were quite weird and made me look like I had midget feet, now I'm talking really tiny! These ones, thankfully, did not and I am now the proud owner of them. Craving some Chelsea boots now though, I'm not gonna lie.

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  1. I love these booties I have a similar pair in red though I rarely ever wear them. I have so many killer high heels but like you I'm a sucker for the comfort of flats. It may sound weird but sometimes I feel sexier wearing my flats than I do my 6 inch pumps. Thanks for visiting my blog :) can't wait to read more of yours