03 August 2011

I am Melita Kiely

It seems strange to be writing to zero followers but everyone has to start somewhere, right? I have been mulling over starting a blog for a while now, casually browsing over blogs I have stumbled across here and there looking for some sort of inspiration, and today I just decided to set one up and see what springs to mind. I think the sun coming out to play inspired me to do something different today. So I'm going to use this first post to tell y'all a little about myself: 

My name is Melita Marta Kiely. I'm 21 years old am currently studying French and Philosophy at the University of Kent. 

I live in the Sunshine Coast, Eastbourne, which is in East Sussex. The Sunshine Coat because word on the street is that we have the most hours of sunlight a year in the whole if the UK! 

So, I'm starting my blog on 03/08/2011, a beautiful sunny day and even more importantly, my day off!

I did try to plan this blog before starting it. I've been pondering for a couple of months now but the ideas in my head are so messy I decided to scrap any plan and just type whatever first springs to mind! I think this blog is mainly going to be about fashion, music and literature which are all loves of mine! 

I'm pretty certain that I want to be a writer, I'm just not 100% sure what I want to write about. Hopefully this blog will help me organise my messy brain...


  1. Welcome to blogger! The followers will follow in time :).

    Helen, X

  2. thanks, hopefully they will :) x