29 September 2011

Remain In Light

I have been looking for this song for ages and wondering who it is by and at long last I finally found it last week. Silly, silly, silly girl...


28 September 2011

I Covet Thee, River Island

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I absolutely LOVE being back at uni. Even seven hours in the library on my day off doesn't change that. Okay, so it's only day 3 into the term but I have been wanting to come back for so long and it's going as swimmingly as I hoped it would. And this evening was spent chilling with some of my house mates watching 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,' which has been on my 'to watch' list for ages and didn't disappoint. Kate Winslet was wonderful as ever and it was interesting to see Jim Carey do something away from his typical comedy; you should watch it.  Unfortunately, with the library taking up my time I am yet to delve into the delightful Canterbury high street to update my autumn wardrobe. The shops are so much better here compared to what Eastbourne has to offer and as soon as I have an afternoon free I am going to indulge; River Island looks like it has some lovely pieces to offer this season. The jumpers are my fave and I will definitely have to invest in some new mittens this winter after losing THE perfect mittens I bought from H&M last year; the River Island ones look unbelievably soft. Who says I want doesn't get? Which pieces do you like? 

26 September 2011

Motel Rocks

Today was my first day back at uni and boy oh boy have I missed it. A year out had left me craving lectures and seminars and I cannot express how much more enjoyable it is to be taught than to teach! (Ask me again once fourth year work has started mounting onto my desk and the response might not be so optimistic).

And it just got better as the day went on with an email saying that I have been chosen to be the Student Ambassador for my university for Motel Rocks! I only found out about the application on Thursday here and as the deadline was Friday it was somewhat rushed. Then with moving back to Canterbury for uni over the weekend I completely forgot about the whole thing until I got an extremely exciting email this afernoon! All in all a bloody good start to my last year as a student :)

24 September 2011

Canterbury Canterbury

Well I only went a bloody did it didn't I? May have taken the odd wrong turning here and there and neared a mental breakdown once or twice along the way but I made it back to Canterbury in one piece with car intact! Well done me, a pat on the back is deserved I reckon and credit where credit is due: well done sat nav. This also means that I have finally seen my new house which, for a student house ain't too shabby. My room is nice and big with a bed and a half as I like to call it (it's much bigger than a single but not quite a double, although they could have easily fitted in a double but hey ho..) Living room - big. Kitchen- big. Bathroom- two of them...they're so so... I've now met all but one house mate and they seem like a friendly bunch. There's six of us all in all so we'll see how it goes, well hopefully. I need to brighten this room up a little and unpack but once it's looking a bit lovely I will take some pictures to show y'all. Cream flippin' crackered right now though so no pics today I'm afraid. But come back soon and I'll see what I can do. 

22 September 2011

A Different Kind Of Fix

And a different kind of post. I'm thinking of doing a weekly 'what I'm listening to' type post on my blog, what do you think? Bombay Bicycle Club are satisfying my ears a treat at the moment. This is just beautiful. As is the rest of the album. 

So sssshhhhh.

Lets listen. 

21 September 2011

I Covet Thee, Asos

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So many beautiful clothes that I want. So little money that I have to spend on them! Today I consumed far too much caffeine that I'm surprised I didn't end up having heart palpitations and  finally ran 116511 of the 216961313 errands that I have to do before moving back to my beloved Canterbury on Friday. Braving Eastbourne town centre to acquire the essentials I need to make it in the big bad world all on my own proved tough when all I wanted to do was kit myself out with a new wardrobe; I had to squeeze my eyes shut with each passing of Topshop. I did make a sneaky stop at the Clinique counter though to get a refill sample of the foundation I want. I refuse to buy it until I have exhausted all my free sample options AND made the rounds on the Chanel Mat Lumière foundation samples too. Then I'll pick and buy a favourite. A poor girl's gotta do what a poor girl's gotta do, right? Even the on line shopping heaven that is ASOS is sucking me in by playing it's 'you'll want everything this season' card and 20% off student discount. Whenever my purse is empty the shops call my name, LOUDLY; as soon as the pennies are mine the shops fill up with...... But my rent is high this semester and my loan is low, teamed with birthdays, a wedding and Christmas at the end it is a recipe for financial disaster. These I Covet Thee posts sure are testing my will power. But I do need jumpers and a new winter coat and when is a new dress or shoes ever an inappropriate purchase? Never, I tell you, never. 

19 September 2011

We Just Have To Pause And Rehearse

The last few days before moving back to uni always leave me somewhat flustered. I know that I have so much to do and plenty of people to see but time is running out and that just makes me panic and I canny cope with panicking; so I just don't do it. I haven't looked at my books for months and keep telling myself to have just even the sneakiest of sneaky peaks through any of them, even the blurb, but no, I am my own worst enemy. This time next week I know I'll be regretting it when I sit through my first French lecture of the semester not remembering anything that I learnt during my year abroad and consequently failing epicly. You see? Flustered. HELP! 

Of course through all this flustering and list making, procrastination peeked and a new profile picture was made. I'm not sure if I like it or not though. I might go make another one...

17 September 2011

Gimme What I Want

For what must be months now I have been checking, checking and re-checking again to see if these vans are in my size on every shoe shop you can think of, but psht, they never are. To add insult to injury, whilst on an excursion in Brighton with the students I was working with, I went to the Vans shop with my friend Lewis hoping and wishing that they would have them in my size. They had a pair; they were on sale; they were the last pair in the shop; they were in HIS size! And of course he bought them. And my luck has been about the same ever since. 

There is another pair of vans that I do love as well and come in at an extremely close second to the tawny port ones and seeing as my holding out for the red ones is doing me no favours I may just have to bite the bullet and buy them! Just as soon as my student loan makes an appearance. Come on September lets keep it movin'.

14 September 2011

I Covet Thee, Urban Outfitters


First I Covet Thee post of the month goes to Urban Outfitters (as if it'some sort of award?) My favourite items from this collection are number 6, the burgundy loafers (anything burgundy and anything loafer-like gets my seal of approvement at the moment) and number 4, the chiffon patterned top.  I don't usually go for patterned skirts, I usually opt for plain colours so that they're a bit more versatile, but I loved the bird cage skirt when I spotted it on their website.  Oh Urban Outfitters, why you be so over priced?! Student loan please hurry your pretty self along, ta. 

And why can't my hair look like girl number 1? Sigh...

13 September 2011

Friday I'm In Love

Man alive, I am cream flippin' crackered. My boyfriend's band, Yaaks,  played Bestival this weekend and my girlfriend privileges earned me a free ticket to the festival which was a little bit sunny, a little bit stormy, a lot tiring but bloody brilliant! The Cure, Bjork, Skream and Benga, James Blake, DJ Shadow, The Maccabees, Noah and the Whale, NOT Crystal Fighters *sheds a tear* and so much more... It was even worth the hurrendous 12 hours that it took me to get home (jeez Red Funnel Ferries get it together). I thought I would be stuck on that island forever. However, after several showers, lots of washing, not yet enough sleep, chinese for dinner and breakfast, it is back to normal and blogging can resume. 

Skream and Benga


The Cure

06 September 2011


 ...About this time last year. The weather gods have not impressed me today, no sir-ee, and consequently have brought on a case of the holiday blues as they say. This time last year I was on the beautiful island of Rhodes in a little town called Lindos with gorgeous weather and clear blue seas (if not too many fish). The best 20th birthday present a girl could have wished for. Unfortunately, it will be a few more weeks or so yet before I am able to take a holiday this year and I fear that my budget will not buy the spectacular weather I crave. So, for now, I will simply muse through last year's photos and wait my turn. 

Apartment View
EXTRA ordinary

This is how they drink beer in Rhodes. This is how they drink a SMALL beer in Rhodes. 

04 September 2011

It's A Hair Thing

To fringe or not to fringe? This is an on going 3-weekly battle that I find myself having both against myself, and the boyfriend. He always opts for fringe and right now I am siding with no fringe. He is also toying with the idea of growing his hair and one thing I really am not a huge fan of is long hair on guys, which caused somewhat of a heated debate! Prime examples?
Alex Turner, Gerard Butler, David Beckham

Tell me if you disagree, but I think each of the guys above looks considerably worse when they neglect the clippers. Keep it short and sweet chaps, it will do you a world of good. 

Girls on the other hand, I am all for boy-ish cuts! I wish I could be brave enough to experiment with a pixie cut, but alas, I am not. So for now, or forever, I shall just admire them from afar. 
Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan

02 September 2011

Please Sir, Can I have Some More?

I had my last day with my local newspaper today and was sad to leave! I was quite taken aback by how genuinely happy and willing everyone was to have me follow them round like some little lost lamb. I was able to get an insight into pretty much every aspect of the paper from events planning and promotion to photography jobs, reporting from the local magistrates court (don't go there kids), local awards presentations, proof reading, layout editing, web editing, sports editing etc. It is safe to say I would make an abysmal sports editor, as if that needed any sort of confirmation, no matter how much their sports editor tried to convince me otherwise! *ahem*

With the Editor in Chief receiving over 30 emails a week in regards to work experience I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity. Someone give me more!  I'm probably more excited than I should be about seeing tomorrow's newspaper in print. I love being ahead of the game! Family, prepare yourselves for a lots of, 'I went to take that,' and, 'I met them,' and, 'I've helped edit that!' Apologies.

And my new highlight of the week? Accompanying one of the photographers to a local flower show (how exciting does THAT sound?) where the vicar gave me this little gem of information, ''If you say the word 'lesbian' whilst having your photograph taken, it gets your lips into the right shape.''

I so need to be a journalist.