28 September 2011

I Covet Thee, River Island

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I absolutely LOVE being back at uni. Even seven hours in the library on my day off doesn't change that. Okay, so it's only day 3 into the term but I have been wanting to come back for so long and it's going as swimmingly as I hoped it would. And this evening was spent chilling with some of my house mates watching 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,' which has been on my 'to watch' list for ages and didn't disappoint. Kate Winslet was wonderful as ever and it was interesting to see Jim Carey do something away from his typical comedy; you should watch it.  Unfortunately, with the library taking up my time I am yet to delve into the delightful Canterbury high street to update my autumn wardrobe. The shops are so much better here compared to what Eastbourne has to offer and as soon as I have an afternoon free I am going to indulge; River Island looks like it has some lovely pieces to offer this season. The jumpers are my fave and I will definitely have to invest in some new mittens this winter after losing THE perfect mittens I bought from H&M last year; the River Island ones look unbelievably soft. Who says I want doesn't get? Which pieces do you like? 


  1. I love that white jumper from river island, and those mittens look really cute too!

  2. i love the white jumper and the black and white one next to it!
    great post