02 September 2011

Please Sir, Can I have Some More?

I had my last day with my local newspaper today and was sad to leave! I was quite taken aback by how genuinely happy and willing everyone was to have me follow them round like some little lost lamb. I was able to get an insight into pretty much every aspect of the paper from events planning and promotion to photography jobs, reporting from the local magistrates court (don't go there kids), local awards presentations, proof reading, layout editing, web editing, sports editing etc. It is safe to say I would make an abysmal sports editor, as if that needed any sort of confirmation, no matter how much their sports editor tried to convince me otherwise! *ahem*

With the Editor in Chief receiving over 30 emails a week in regards to work experience I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity. Someone give me more!  I'm probably more excited than I should be about seeing tomorrow's newspaper in print. I love being ahead of the game! Family, prepare yourselves for a lots of, 'I went to take that,' and, 'I met them,' and, 'I've helped edit that!' Apologies.

And my new highlight of the week? Accompanying one of the photographers to a local flower show (how exciting does THAT sound?) where the vicar gave me this little gem of information, ''If you say the word 'lesbian' whilst having your photograph taken, it gets your lips into the right shape.''

I so need to be a journalist.


  1. lovely blog.xx


  2. Your work experience sounds so good! After reading this i AM going to sort something myself! so thank you for the inspiration!
    just came across your blog whilst browsing, i really like your style, i am now a follower!
    Im new to blogging to would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and follow me back! Thankyou so much, love Lo xxx


  3. thank you alina :)

    Lo, you are welcome! i would definitely recommend finding some. and ta for jumping on the bandwagon!


  4. Sounds so so good! Really hands on which is a lot better than doing coffee runs!

    Helen, X