24 September 2011

Canterbury Canterbury

Well I only went a bloody did it didn't I? May have taken the odd wrong turning here and there and neared a mental breakdown once or twice along the way but I made it back to Canterbury in one piece with car intact! Well done me, a pat on the back is deserved I reckon and credit where credit is due: well done sat nav. This also means that I have finally seen my new house which, for a student house ain't too shabby. My room is nice and big with a bed and a half as I like to call it (it's much bigger than a single but not quite a double, although they could have easily fitted in a double but hey ho..) Living room - big. Kitchen- big. Bathroom- two of them...they're so so... I've now met all but one house mate and they seem like a friendly bunch. There's six of us all in all so we'll see how it goes, well hopefully. I need to brighten this room up a little and unpack but once it's looking a bit lovely I will take some pictures to show y'all. Cream flippin' crackered right now though so no pics today I'm afraid. But come back soon and I'll see what I can do. 

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