13 September 2011

Friday I'm In Love

Man alive, I am cream flippin' crackered. My boyfriend's band, Yaaks,  played Bestival this weekend and my girlfriend privileges earned me a free ticket to the festival which was a little bit sunny, a little bit stormy, a lot tiring but bloody brilliant! The Cure, Bjork, Skream and Benga, James Blake, DJ Shadow, The Maccabees, Noah and the Whale, NOT Crystal Fighters *sheds a tear* and so much more... It was even worth the hurrendous 12 hours that it took me to get home (jeez Red Funnel Ferries get it together). I thought I would be stuck on that island forever. However, after several showers, lots of washing, not yet enough sleep, chinese for dinner and breakfast, it is back to normal and blogging can resume. 

Skream and Benga


The Cure


  1. oh wow you must have had such a good time there, I love festivals unfotunately I didn't have the chance to go to one this year, Lovin the maccabees! what a pity you couldn't see crystal fighters!
    ps: thanks so much for commenting on my blog :))


  2. it was fabulous! there's always next year! but no glastonbury :( x