17 September 2011

Gimme What I Want

For what must be months now I have been checking, checking and re-checking again to see if these vans are in my size on every shoe shop you can think of, but psht, they never are. To add insult to injury, whilst on an excursion in Brighton with the students I was working with, I went to the Vans shop with my friend Lewis hoping and wishing that they would have them in my size. They had a pair; they were on sale; they were the last pair in the shop; they were in HIS size! And of course he bought them. And my luck has been about the same ever since. 

There is another pair of vans that I do love as well and come in at an extremely close second to the tawny port ones and seeing as my holding out for the red ones is doing me no favours I may just have to bite the bullet and buy them! Just as soon as my student loan makes an appearance. Come on September lets keep it movin'.


  1. I almost bought these vans from the office ebay outlet, and it looks like they still have them!

    Just hope you're not a size 6!

  2. i'm a 5! thanks for the heads up, i'll check it out! x