21 September 2011

I Covet Thee, Asos

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So many beautiful clothes that I want. So little money that I have to spend on them! Today I consumed far too much caffeine that I'm surprised I didn't end up having heart palpitations and  finally ran 116511 of the 216961313 errands that I have to do before moving back to my beloved Canterbury on Friday. Braving Eastbourne town centre to acquire the essentials I need to make it in the big bad world all on my own proved tough when all I wanted to do was kit myself out with a new wardrobe; I had to squeeze my eyes shut with each passing of Topshop. I did make a sneaky stop at the Clinique counter though to get a refill sample of the foundation I want. I refuse to buy it until I have exhausted all my free sample options AND made the rounds on the Chanel Mat Lumière foundation samples too. Then I'll pick and buy a favourite. A poor girl's gotta do what a poor girl's gotta do, right? Even the on line shopping heaven that is ASOS is sucking me in by playing it's 'you'll want everything this season' card and 20% off student discount. Whenever my purse is empty the shops call my name, LOUDLY; as soon as the pennies are mine the shops fill up with...... But my rent is high this semester and my loan is low, teamed with birthdays, a wedding and Christmas at the end it is a recipe for financial disaster. These I Covet Thee posts sure are testing my will power. But I do need jumpers and a new winter coat and when is a new dress or shoes ever an inappropriate purchase? Never, I tell you, never. 


  1. Great picks! I especially love nos 5 and 7. You obviously have great taste! :)

  2. Lovedddd the number 5!!! Great use of sheer!!!!!

    Totally following you in pretty much everything!! Great blog



  3. thank you for following and commenting! glad you had a good read :) x

  4. nice clothes !


  5. Nice selection here, especially number 7, i just checked on asos and it is out of stock :(( you want to check my blog?


  6. Love #s 1 and % - pretty and can be worn
    just about anywhwere.

  7. 1, 2 and 5, love them!
    you have a lovely blog:)

  8. asos gets us all! thank you all for reading and your comments :) x

  9. i love the little pink mini dress and the tapestry patterned shoes, asos has the tendency to empty but bank account at least twice a month!
    faye xo

  10. wow, gorgeous pieces! love your blog, followed!!