14 September 2011

I Covet Thee, Urban Outfitters


First I Covet Thee post of the month goes to Urban Outfitters (as if it'some sort of award?) My favourite items from this collection are number 6, the burgundy loafers (anything burgundy and anything loafer-like gets my seal of approvement at the moment) and number 4, the chiffon patterned top.  I don't usually go for patterned skirts, I usually opt for plain colours so that they're a bit more versatile, but I loved the bird cage skirt when I spotted it on their website.  Oh Urban Outfitters, why you be so over priced?! Student loan please hurry your pretty self along, ta. 

And why can't my hair look like girl number 1? Sigh...


  1. So many pretty clothes! Really love both pairs of shoes xx

  2. Ooh I adore the second dress especially! xoxo

  3. they do it in a pale green colour too, only ip-dip-do helped me to choose which colour to blog! x