31 August 2011

I Covet Thee, DP


So, day 2 of my work placement with my local paper and it's going just swimmingly! Yesterday when I arrived I was sent out straight away with the paper's photographer to photograph a local couple who were celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary, yes, DIAMOND. 60 years of marriage, can you imagine? Bloody 'ell... It's not really front-page-news-read-all-about-it stuff but they're letting me get really involved in what they do which is what I was hoping for; I haven't made one cup of tea or coffee, THEY bring ME hot drinks. And kit kats, gotta love the kit kats. In the afternoon I then worked with the events department and spent quite a few hours on the phone arranging an exhibition that's going to be held in November in my town. Safe to say I felt like a broken record by the end of the day. All part of the experience though!

Today I went to the Magistrates Court with one of the reporters which is one of the most horrible, horible places I have ever been to. It was really fascinating sitting in on the hearings but my word it is grim. One boy did get sent to prison for this and that (Eastbournians can read about it on Friday). ''TAKE HIM DOWN.'' Favourite part of the day. 

So, with an hour and a half to kill for lunch I had a ponder around the shops and Dorothy Perkins is not looking all too shabby at the mo. Eastbourne hasn't got the largest selection of shops, so looking through their website as well I managed to find a few more items to piece together this week's I Covet Thee post. Enjoy!

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