04 December 2011

Sunday #1

1. I am finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to keep this blog running, so I am taking inspiration from some other blogs that I read and starting a new Sunday feature to sum up my week. That way I can edit and add to it as I go and if nothing else should get blogged, at least Sunday will! 

2. The turning from November to December means that even for the most Scrooge like among us there is no reason to not get excited about Christmas. This amazing advent calendar (pictured above) arrived in the post a few days before December. My mum never fails to get us an advent calendar and for the past few years she has got us personalised ones! (Probably to stop the bickering between us siblings, Annalisa, I'm looking at you). Not the best photo above, but the only one I have I'm afraid. The coca-cola advert is once again up and running and everywhere I look lights and tinsel are in full swing! My uni house is no exception, our 3ft synthetic tree, complete with lights, baubles, tinsel and a star, is something to envy. As are our copious amounts of paper chains! More tackiness please and thank you. 

3. It was also my house mate Matt's birthday this week, which I got just a little excited about. I'm a sucker for birthdays! To celebrate we went for our first outing as a whole house (only took 10 weeks!) Then after some amazing food and a glass of wine at the Brewery Tavern in Canterbury, we headed home where birthday celebrations turned into Christmas cheer and Elf was watched with caterpillar cake dessert. 

4. To end the week I went home to visit Rob and my family for the first time in what felt like an absolute age. I spent Friday and Saturday at Rob's then today we went to see my family and had the most amazing roast; my mum is THE best cook in the world, incredible woman. Topped off with not just any melt in the middle chocolate cake pudding and ice cream, but M&S melt in the middle chocolate cake pudding and ice cream. All too soon though I had to leave to catch my train back to Canterbury and sadly missed out on helping put up the Christmas decorations, so I am all the more excited to go home in two weeks and join in the family festivities! 

5. I am however looking forward to another house birthday this week and their joint OAP themed birthday shindig on Friday night! So prepare yourselves for some (if not too embarrassing) granny photos this time next week!

6. And last but by no means least I owe a huge thank you to the lovely Lauryn from Bracelets and Bangles who awarded me the Versatile Blogger award! She has a lovely blog and is currently doing the 100 day challenge which consists of her taking a photo of her outfits for 100 days! It's quite the challenge and she has posted some lovely photos so be sure to pay her a visit! 


  1. I love that advent calendar! Congratulations on the award, that's amazing!!
    Wow, OAP night sound's amazing, hope you have a lovely time! :)
    Love Charlie, xoxo.

  2. ASIF this calender has your name on, that's amazing! I'd totally want to eat it ALL now!
    I LOVE the idea of an OAP party, I wouldn't even need to act or dress up! have fun.x

  3. such a cute advent calender! :) x