27 December 2011

Happy Faces Allowed

Christmas is over and it couldn't have been better. I awoke on Christmas morning at a silly early hour to gasps and cries from my eight year old brother as he saw the mince pies, carrots and milk gone and a gigantic present (top photo) in our kitchen taking their place! (It was the only room left in our house, the tree was full to the brim, as you can see). It is so lovely having a littl'un in the house for the festive period as we still manage to keep some of that childhood excitement and it means we all still get presents from Santa! Mother did an amazing job with Christmas dinner as she always does and everybody received some spectacular presents, my youngest brother Joey enjoying a BMX and a brand new scooter amongst his many other treats. 

I was spoilt myself with perfume, clothes and a beautiful kindle. For all those who claim, 'I don't want a kindle, I prefer real books,' I was right there with you until Santa left one under my tree. I love a good ol' fashioned book, second hand is always better, but my kindle is just so swish! It's perfect for slipping into the smallest of bags, lightweight and doesn't hurt your eyes as the screen isn't brightly lit. The range of books on Amazon's kindle store is incredible too, with an excellent selection of free downloads, over a million books to buy overall and the capacituy to store up to 1400 books, kindle holders have a huge variety of novels to read. I'm currently getting stuck into Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar and cannot wait to indulge into the many other worlds of fiction that other authors have to offer.

Boxing day was spent with Rob and his family and was yet another beautiful day. After my second delicious Christmas Dinner we turned to a rather competitive game of Pictionary for which I was paired with Rob which, I hated because he is a dirty rotten CHEAT! Cheating is the worst, I would rather lose honestly than win dishonestly, but Rob can't stand it so do not play games with him. Board games continued with Monopoly for which I must admit I did not bring my A-game and ended up bankrupting myself just in time for home time. I never wanted to be rich anyway... (I joke). 

I hope everyone who reads this had an equally wonderful Christmas time; by the blog updates it seems that you all certainly did. Now to organise New Years Eve, what plans do you all have? 


  1. Glad you had a lovely Christmas! I used to hate Kindles too but loads of people I know have them and I have to say I'm a bit tempted x

  2. Your family looks so lovely :)
    Glad to hear you had a good day. Have a great New Years eve too.
    Jaz xo

  3. your christmas looks great and so much fun!
    thanks for your comment too! you should visit the Rokit shop in Camden. I'd say it's even better than online, I regret not taking more money with me when i went!

  4. that sounds like a wonderful christmas :D


  5. Wow, sounds like a great Christmas!x

  6. Sounds like you had a great christmas! Hope you have a great new year aswell! I'm sure many will enter 2012 drunk ! x

  7. Ohh you look so happy (not to mention gorgeous!) <3 Happy christmas! Awww your christmas room looks adorable O_O hehe x x x xx

  8. woahh look at all those pressies!! Never seen so many under the tree before in my life haha!
    Bet you was excited :)

    NYE I shall be going out with my girls for a girly night out hehehe :p excited :) x

  9. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Looks like you had a fun Christmas! I've been considering getting a Kindle.... maybe someday.

    Have a happy New Year! :)

  10. looks like such a great time!! merry xmas!


  11. looks like a cute christmas !xxx