05 December 2011

I Covet Thee, Christmas

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It feels like an absolute age since I did an I Covet Thee post. I haven't really had the time or been overly inspired to create one recently, but with Christmas approaching it is time to start thinking of answers for that oh-so-awkward question, 'What do you want?' After losing the bottom of one of my boots last week and having to resort to limping on several pins sticking out of the heel for the rest of the day, a new pair is definitely top of my list! I've had my eye on these tan ankle boots for months now (I'm surprised they're still in stock). I usually get a few pieces of clothing and anything knitted/sheer/pleated is fine with me à la Topshop cardigan and Yayer dress above! Other little bits I'd like are socks (I love novelty socks, I canny get enough of them), Liz Earle samples (I've heard very good things and really need to improve my skincare) and some second hand books. I like books that have been worn in a bit and I'm one of those anti-kindle people! I like browsing book stores and charity shops for new reads and that would most likely come to an end with a kindle. The ol' fashioned page turners are how novels should be read! 

My news feeds at the moment seem to be inundated with a mixture of people who have started, nearly finished or already finished their Christmas shopping. I, for one, have only just begun to think about what to buy people. I have the odd idea floating around but need to get proactive! Secret Santa exchanges are happening in my house next Tuesday so I really need to get a move on!

On another note, Amalea from Luscious asked me to do a short survey for her this week for her blog. There are some other bloggers featured too so head on over and have a read and a follow! 


  1. Love that dress, it's so cute! I know how you feel, I'm making everyone's Christmas presents this year and I'm being such a terrible procrastinator about it!

  2. I'm so behind with my Christmas shopping, I just keep coming back with things for me! xx

  3. I really like that dress and I adore socks! Would happily just get socks for Christmas hah.
    Jaz xo

  4. The dress boots and cardigan are awesome! I should do a Christmas wishlist like this. Thanks for the idea!

  5. i want everything!!!!!


  6. I love that dress! xx

    Oh and don't forget to enter my Xmas Giveaway if you haven't already :)

  7. Aw, the first dress is just amazing! The color of ti is so beautiful!! :)


  8. Really love that dress, exactly the kind of thing i've been after. XO


  9. those boots are lovely!

    also, i just wanted to say that i've just discovered your blog and i really like it, definitely going to be keeping up to date with your posts :)

    from helen @ thelovecatsINC