09 December 2011


Just a brief post today. It's been hectic. The day started with my amazing house mates, including one with a broken collar bone, helping me to bump start my car. It died on me a few days ago but with a great heave ho we managed to get it up and running again, so thank you very, very much to them. Have a drink on me boys! Once up and running I ventured to town to try and find my Secret Santa a present, semi-successfully. I was inspired by quite a few things but need to look over the weekend to make sure it's within budget! The most exciting part of the day is still to come though! The other part of my trip involved a lot of charity shops in order to find the perfect Grandpa outfit for tonight's OAP themed birthday bash. It has been far too long since I have had a night out and there's nothing like a good ol' fancy dress theme to add a touch of class. We seem to have done a gender reversal though with the guys going as grannies and the girls going as gramps. Might do a photo post on tonight just for the lols. 

In other news, I am one more deadline down, three to go! I have started sending applications off for journalism courses once I graduate and have an interview early next year already in the pipeline! Everything crossed. I also received an email informing me that the interview I did with Motel Rocks for being October's Ambassador of the month is now up on line, so if you want to have a read you my do so here! And, if you haven't read enough of my waffle, you can read the latest article I wrote for my uni paper here. Any thoughts? 

Right, better go get my grandpa glad rags on. Pass the talc...

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  1. Haha PLEASE post an outfit photo for tonight, congrats on interviews lined up already!! xx