28 November 2011

Little Dreams

Image taken from We Heart It

So the blog and I have made it into triple figures, hoorah! I now have 100 very friendly, (and I'm guessing somewhat bored) GFC followers on my back. It's always so lovely to read your comments and it still baffles me when I see new people have clicked the follow button and taken the time to read and comment on sometimes more than one post. I don't want to seem like I'm gushing too much, but a genuinely big thank you to you. It is especially surprising seeing as for one thing, I have not been writing this blog for very long at all and secondly I've had to allow blogging to take a back seat recently as third year takes priority over life! 

But I have a few more posts lined up for the next week and a half which I'm looking forward to putting together; I have finally received my Motel dress that I chose way back when so hopefully the sun will shine for just a little while and I can do the dress some justice photo wise. And then it is just a few short weeks until the Christmas holidays and then the big event itself, and I am so looking forward to a 4 week break at home with my wonderful friends and family, and hopefully the chance to make up for lost blogging time. I'm also on Bloglovin' so come and follow me here! 

Oh, and come say hi here!


  1. am loving the changes you have made to your blog!

    have voted for you to win the versatile blogger award...

    check it out


    lauryn x

  2. Congrats honey on your 100 followers!! You deserve it xx

  3. congrats, just stumbled on your blog and i love it, youve gained another follower sweety!


  4. yay to your followers, you actually have 104 as we speak (well as i write!) congratulations beautiful lady xx

  5. Loving the blog. Also love the post where you venture to London. Congratulations on this achievement 3digits! Hope me and my boyfriend get that too we just started a blog featuring couples around the globe. ♥

  6. hi!nice blog follow us if u like our blog and we will follow you too!

  7. congrats on making over a 100 followers :)