22 November 2011

All's Fair In Love And War

An impromptu phone call from the boy a short while ago and a tip off to this gem of a video below lead to uncontrollable fits of laughter from both ends of the receiver. There's a whole series of extreme pranks between two friends ranging from pretend public break ups to one friend believing he had won $500,000 in front of a whole stadium full of basketball fans who were all in on the act! The one below however, is my favourite clip that I have watched so far in which Streeter is convinced mid-skydive that the chord to his parachute is broken and the emergency parachute isn't going to hold. Can you even imagine the fear he must have felt?! The instructor, Duncan, is amazing though, 'How much do you weigh? Can you swim? Kick your legs, kick your legs!' Enough explanations, you need to watch it now!  (P.S. Do not trust skydiving instructors called Duncan). 

Pranking and YouTube aside, life is busy in little old Canterbury. Rob came to visit again and we went to the cinema for the first time in ages to watch the latest Twilight movie (don't judge me). After complaints from him all day long and whinging whispers in my ear throughout the first half an hour or so of the film his moaning soon turned to inquisitive questions about the plot and characters  as he got sucked in to its brilliance like all good fools do! I do genuinely think it is a really good film, far better than the first two and praise from Rob, considering his previous avid hate of Twilight, is testament to what a step up the latest instalment is. If only Stephanie Meyer had written the books as well as Bill Condon directs them on screen...

But fun and games are now over as yet more deadlines hang over my head with an essay, presentation and two ICA's all due before the end of term. So it's back to scouring the library for books and typing away at my desk, only to be made temporarily easier by the recent news that my house is partaking in the joyous event that is Dominos Two for Tuesday. Not all bad I guess!


  1. lol I'm not judging, I would love to go see twilight too

  2. I could not be happier that you posted this - this whole pranks on youtube thing was unknown to me until now! I have spent my afternoon at work giggling to myself watching men be made fools of. Amaze-balls!


  3. I definitely agree - best twilight movie yet! The pranks concept is crack up :) x