24 November 2011

Autumnal Palettes

Just a quickie before some seriously hardcore essay writing commences once again! Reading and researching has taken up most of the past few days and shall continue a while longer I'm afraid to say. Better blogging to come soon, promise. I decided to get myself up and motivated for the day yesterday by going for a run at 8.30 in the morning. Every second hurt. It still hurts. And I'm still tired. Supposedly going for another swift jog with my house mate tonight, we shall see. CANTERBURY, Y U HAVE SO MANY HILLS? 

On another note, I hope you've noticed the new blog design! For a while now I have really not been a fan of how my blog looked, plus I had seen about 10 other blogs this week alone with the exact same header design as mine. (That's what you get for using a freeby I guess!) It was all just a bit girly and naf and not very me if I'm honest. So after whining, begging, pleading and some not very helpful descriptions of what I wanted instead, I managed to get Rob to design me a new header. And to then alter it. And to then alter it again. Until I decided that I actually really loved the first one that he'd made me! A top notch job ol' chap. So a few colour adjustments, a new background design later et voila! I personally think it looks so much better now that it's not so pretty and prim and proper. It's still not 100% finished but it's a darn lot closer to how I want it to look. Really need to get him to teach me all the ins and outs of html, I'm such a technophobe it's just silly. The main issue I'm still having is that I can't make the background picture fit the whole blog, it only lets me tile it. Anybody know how to rectify this? You will get a very big thank you if you do! Maybe I'll bake you a cake. 

Thoughts on the new layout? 


  1. Loving your header, it's just that little bit different. My blog's more girly than I'd like at the moment - maybe I'll follow in your footsteps and have a bit of a redesign? Wishing you inspiration in your essay!

  2. I really like the new header!

  3. Love the new blog design, I really like the simple kind of layout that's not too cluttered and the colours you chose are lovely!
    Good luck with your essays. I've got two due in on Monday, so this weekend is not going to be much fun!

    Gillian x

  4. Great blog here girly! fabulous layout you have!


  5. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I'm at uni in Canterbury too you're so right about the hills xx

  6. I love the header! Your blog is great. Would you like to follow each other? x

  7. Hi Melita, thanks for passing by my blog today :-) Just want to say that your blog-design is absolutely amazing! I love it :-) Looking forward to follow u. xx Christina