04 November 2011

No Sleep Tonight

So at 3 months old (yesterday) my blog has at long last reached the 50 follower mark! So hello readers and ta to you all very much for jumping on my little bandwagon! Uni work is ridiculously busy right now with French novels to read, a philosophy essay to write and pancake recipes to translate! I am going to go and hibernate in the library for the next week or so and as tempting as it is, all things blog will have to be put on hold, sigh. I do however need to find some firework displays in Canterbury to watch tomorrow...

But to cheer you up if it is a rainy day where you are and getting out of bed is proving to be just that little bit more of a challenge, watch the clip below to put an instant smile on your face! Happy bonfire nights and have a lovely week!



  1. Congratulations on gaining 50 followers! :)
    and that baby video was so cute! :)

  2. Awwwwww the baby video is adorable :)

    Congrats on gaining the 50 followers :)

  3. soooooo cute :)


  4. oh my gosh, that video is absolutely adorable!! i always find it so funny to watch little babies try to hard to stay awake! precious!
    xo TJ

  5. Hehe. Cuteeeee!