18 May 2012

I Covet Thee, Zatchels

It feels like an absolute age since I did an 'I Covet Thee' post. So today I thought I would take 10 minutes out from revising for my final exam and give the blog a little update. This week, what really keeps catching my eye is Zatchels. Not a new brand and something that I am certain y'all already know and love, but this week it has really tickled my pickle. This is why:
 Red and White Polka Dot Leather Satchel; anything with polka dots is okay by me.
Green Reptile Print Leather Satchel; admittedly, I am not a huge fan of snake skin type patterns, but I think that in this green colour, it looks beautiful. Quite possibly my favourite of the lot!
 Lilac Distressed Leather Satchel is not overtly girly, despite it's lilac title, and yet is still a lovely coloured alternative to the brown or black norm.
White and Red Polka Dot Leather Satchel, you get the gist with the polka dots.. 
White Leather Satchel with Small Floral Pattern, because despite the rainy weather we're having it is very nearly summer.

My current bag that has served me so well throughout my four years of uni is sadly falling apart, quite literally at the seams. I might just have to indulge in a Zatchel to cope with all my new books in September, and with all bags being hand made from real leather (plus options to add a handle/ strap slider), I am in no doubt that it would last me an awfully long time.

Ps. If you haven't already noticed, I have added a blog roll of my favourite bloggers, which you can find in my side bar. There are some wonderful blogs to read there, so I hope you'll find something new that you like to add to your own list! 


  1. These are all gorgeous, I love satchels! My favourite are the polka dot ones - too cute! xx

  2. The "lilac" one is my favourite, such a lovely colour! x

  3. These are so lovely!

  4. The floral bag is so pretty! I want it :D

  5. I love zatchels, I currently have a blog post where I am wearing an orange one :)

    Rose x

  6. I'm in love with the polka dot and flora bags! Love Zatchels they always have such pretty designs :) xx

  7. what amazing prints! it would be so hard to choose just one :)

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  8. Ooh these satchels are just tooo pretty.. I want the floral one!x