15 May 2012

Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep)

Dear Readers,

I am writing this post to apologise for my awol absence over these past few weeks and to give a much needed update. As you're probably well aware by now, I am all too close to finishing my degree and therefore my life has been a world filled with library dates, essays, dissertation and exam preparation. All work and no play makes for very dull blog posts and up until this weekend, that has very much been the case. 

This weekend Rob came to visit for a few days. The weather was glorious on Saturday so we ventured into the heart of Canterbury, a pleasure I had not had the chance to enjoy for far too long. There is a lovely little café called Tiny Tim's Tea Room which I have wanted to try for ages so we went for a spot of afternoon tea. The menu left us spoilt for choice! We decided to opt for tea and scones, which were equally delicious and I would definitely recommend popping in for a bite to eat if ever you're in this beautiful city. I'm definitely going to have to re-visit this little gem once (or five times) before I move out of Canterbury to try their amazing cake selection. I wish I had more photos to show you, they looked truly incredible!

After wandering round the town for a while in search of a birthday present for my house mate, we headed to my local pub to soak up some rays in their beer garden. A pretty marvellous afternoon. The evening then saw us belatedly celebrating my house mate's birthday with a delicious Wagamama's feast and plenty of alcoholic beverages in a few different pubs. (NB. Take care when being adventurous with cider people, some of them smell like manure, I kid you not. And THAT my friends is not a fun experience, hey Rob?)

Sunday was spent lounging in front of the telly (or Rob's iPhone to be more exact) with baited breath to see whether his beloved Queens Park Rangers would be relegated or not. Thankfully, they were not or God knows what state my relationship would be in now...

Today, I had my first exam of two and come next Wednesday it will all be over, which is an incredibly exciting yet daunting thought! From then on, I promise to be a better blogger and ply you no more with my woeful excuses of dissertation this, exam that, no blog post the other. To those of you who still take the time to read my posts, leave comments, tweet me wonderful support and add yourselves to my slow but growing band of followers, I thank you so very much.

With love,


  1. That tea room looks so cute, I really want to go to one but all the ones round me are borrrring.
    How did today go? Good luck for Wednesday :) you're nearly freeeee :) x

  2. I knew I recognised the place! I went to school in Canterbury haha I remember walking past this place! x

  3. looks like a lovely tea room cant beat tea and cakes!
    Holly x

  4. Eek, good luck next Wednesday, i'm sure you'll do amazingly well!
    Ha, I LOVED this post, I've been to Tiny Tim's so many times, it's amazing in there isn't it! Did you visit the Ghost Room at the top of the building? They always do the most amazing soups too, if you ever go back!
    Charlie xo.

  5. Good luck my dear! Exams and revision are very time consuming! Love these photos, that tea room looks so lovely, right up my street! x x x