05 February 2012

Sunday #5

1. I've finally cracked the 150 follower mark after what feels like forever! I feel like my blog's been moving really slowly recently, I haven't had my memory card and uni is my world right now so to those of you who continue to read and the influx of newbies who have started to read, ta very, very much! I still keep going to type in my old url, so I'm glad people are managing to find the new one and sticking around! 

2. I have spent an awful lot of time in the library this week and after another near on 8 hour stint with my head submerged in books, I was quite looking forward to blowing off some steam and going out last night. Waking up yesterday morning there was a very thin blanket of snow covering the city of Canterbury. Come yesterday early evening and most of it had melted away. All glammed up and with a glass of wine or 3 inside me, we headed to the uni club. Now, I don't know what overcame this club during my year out, but it's queuing policy is an absolute joke. Every time I have been I have been forced to queue for at least half an hour no matter how early or late. Last night, massive queue. Then it started to snow. And it didn't stop. Over an hour of huddling like penguins soaking up every ounce of body heat that we could find and pretty much being at the front of the queue, the bouncers had some sort of mental breakdown turning them all into utter morons and decided to move us all, in no particular order (cue stampede and me landing in a heap of people in the snow), to the opposite side of the club to queue. WHAT? Back to square one where we had started and with the possibility of nearly another hour's wait we went home grumpy and shivering in a taxi with more steam to blow than when we had arrived. Shame on you Venue, shame on you. 

3. On a prettier, brighter note, I did wake up to this beautiful scene today. Canterbury is completely blanketed in thick, white snow and it looks so beautiful. There is something that always gets me really excited when it snows, I feel like I'm six again. And as long as it doesn't hang around for too long, ie. past Tuesday, then snow and I will have a great relationship. Somebody take me to the South Downs with a sledge please and thank you? Excuse the repeated photos in different effects, I have been playing around with  a new app called Molome which is like an Instagram-type-thing for those of us who made the cursed choice of opting for a blackberry rather than an iPhone, FOOLS. 

4. This week holds some exciting prospects. Once I have my final ever presentation (with the exception of my oral exam presentation) out of the way on Tuesday, I have  visit from Rob to look forward to on Wednesday for a couple of days as I will be going to TOWIB on Saturday! I must admit that I'm just as nervous as I am excited but am looking forward to meeting new people, learning new things and hopefully putting some real faces to the pictures and words I so frequently muse over. Will any of you be there on Saturday?  


  1. I can't believe how much snow theres been! Great blog love x

  2. I'll be at TOWIB! Really excited now, but nervous as well xx

  3. the snow is really pretty. good luck with school :) xx

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  4. Such pretty pictures! I wish it would snow where I live. Following your blog now :)


  5. Lovely pictures ! It's a ll white outside my window too and I adore it ;-)

  6. Just found your blog! Love it!! Awesome pictures! Although I don't really like the snow very much I love pictures of it haha!
    I'm a new follower! :D
    Check out my blog sometime?!

    XO, Lizz

  7. Lovely snow photos-i'm sad now it's melted!

  8. Lovely pictures, much prettier when you're inside and warm though!x