21 February 2012

By Jaymie OC

HEADS UP: this post is going to be a completely shameless plug of an incredibly talented lady called Jaymie O'Callaghan.

It must have been about a month ago that I contacted Jaymie in regards to an illustrated card I had seen her post on Twitter re. the big V. day. Now, I know that Valentine's Day is a bit like Marmite, some love to celebrate it and others loathe it. I, myself, am some what on the fence; I like to give a little something (usually just a card), but to me it is more about the company. This year, admittedly, Rob and I put a bit more effort in, as last year's February 14th resembled something along the lines of me living in France, sitting in McDonalds, sobbing into my Big Mac whilst having a skype date with Rob. Long distance sucks. (If you're wondering why I was in McDonald's, no, I was not eating my feelings, my accommodation didn't have internet so 2/3/4 times a week- I kid you not- I'd potter along to McDonalds, laptop et MICROPHONE in hand and take full advantage of their free wi-fi). Oh, the Erasmus life...

Anyway, I had seen some of Jaymie's work, jewellery, blog headers and knew of her artistic flare and thought her idea to do hand drawn, personalised Valentine's Day cards was a wonderful idea. I don't know about you, but the idea of walking into Clinton's or worse, Card Factory, and browsing the "romantic" card section makes me gag a lot little. So I approached Jaymie and this is what I got:
A5 commissioned Valentine's Day Card by Jaymie O'Callaghan

A beautiful, personal card that would actually mean something to both of us and that we would be able to keep, even after all the Valentine's Day hype had died down. All I had to do was send Jaymie a photo that I wanted to be the main focus of the card and then a list of interests and hobbies that Rob and I have to feature around the centre piece. Jaymie was incredibly easy to liaise with, be it via Twitter or email and always quick to respond. I couldn't have been happier with the card and how quickly she managed to get it drafted, approved and popped in the post for me and at such a high standard. I think that for the effort that goes into creating such a personal gift, it is most definitely worth the price (although I won't mention it on here as Rob will read this!) 

Photo I sent Jaymie to use as the centre piece.

Even though Valentine's Day has been and gone, there are a million and one other occasions worthy of such a purchase; Birthdays, Mother's Day (next month!), Easter, Anniversaries or maybe you're just like me and love receiving a little written something in the post, who doesn't? Sometimes it's nice to just be spontaneous rather than wait for certain 'occasions' to pop up and kick our thoughtfulness into gear.  

Miss O'Callaghan is definitely somebody to look out for so go and say hello to her on Twitter here, read and follow her wonderful blog By Jaymie here and take a look at her assortment of hand crafted jewellery on her on line shop Jewellery By Jaymie here. And send somebody one of her beautiful cards along the way. 


  1. This is lovely! I love By Jaymie's jewellery, I've been wanting a piece for ages! x

  2. love ur header! cute pics xx


  3. Aw Jaymie is so lovely! I've bought some of Jaymie's art and jewellery before and I am planning on more to come! She is so talented and what a lovely card for Vale's day :)

    Emma xx