14 February 2012

Asos Fashion Finder

So I was linked to this photo of me which is currently being sported on the Asos Fashion Finder website after being snapped at the TOWIB event by the Asos Fashion Finder Team (who do I think I am?) The black dress I'm wearing is from H&M, the blouse is a vintage Christmas present from my brother and my tanned Chelsea boots and necklace were yet more Christmas presents from the boy. So glad I fixed that odd button the night before now!

I'm so glad that it highlights how small I am *sigh* and has convinced me that I desperately need to invest in some comfy heeled day time footwear because this midget look is just not floating my boat.

You can see lots more snaps of far more fashionable bloggers than myself on the Asos Fashion Finder site here! 


  1. You look gorgeous in that photo! xo

  2. You look lovely... I bet I'm smaller than you at 4'10" ! xx

  3. you are really pretty! i think im about the same height as u! good things come in small packages tho haha :)xxx

    1. thank you, that's so kind.
      and yes, we do!
      petite and proud, reckon we can get it to catch on?!