15 February 2012

Because You're Worth It

Remember Christmas, way back when? Well, I received this Volume Million Lashes Mascara by L'oréal Paris as part of a present from Rob. In all honesty, (and without sounding too ungrateful!) I wasn't over the moon with it as it was a lovely thought, but I just would never have picked this mascara myself. I think most girls are extremely particular when it comes to mascara, what brands they like, what style of brush, black or brown etc. For me, I like my brushes to be thick, bristly and black as the night sky à la No.7 Intense Volume or Benefit Bad Gal.

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara

Boots No.7 Intense Volume Mascara

Rob had chosen a mascara that comes with a rubber toothed brush, one of my mascara absolute pet hates! Poor sod. I was honest and voiced my opinions on how I didn't like plastic or rubber mascara brushes but he had thought about this present so I decided to give it a go.

Verdict? I LOVE IT.

L'oréal ParisVolume Million Lashes Mascara

It is amazing. I have always found rubber brushes to cause ridiculous levels of clumpiness, remember those girls from our mid-teenage years who used to clump their lashes together to give the impression of just 3 disgusting fat lashes? *vom* That's the effect I've always had with them, a most unattractive one. This mascara, however, does nothing but fan my lashes out. The length and volume I achieve is amazing. My lashes look full, long, dark and curved, something I never thought I would be able to achieve with a rubber toothed brush. Application is easy, the number of coats depends on how much volume you wish to apply making it a suitable mascara for both day and night.The staying power of this mascara is 10/10, there is no flaking during the day and my lashes are just as long and thick when I return home at night as when I applied it that same morning.

L'oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Have any of you tried the L'oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara? What was your opinion? (Particularly on the controversial rubber brushes!) 

I'll leave you with a picture of the disgustingly beautiful Eva Longoria (face of said mascara) to perve over. Eugh, doesn't she just make you sick? 


  1. OOO, I may have to give this a try, as I am a fan of rubber or plastic molded wands anyway! AND I really like this packaging, it's classy. You may have converted me, Melita..I may give this a go xx

    1. i have been won over to by this rubber wand, let me know your thoughts if you do try it out! i hope i really have converted you emily, haha. i didn't even think of mentioning the packaging, you can tell that you do this a lot more than me! wish i hadn't scuffed mine up so much though x

  2. Defo giving this a try once my Lancome Intense Drama runs out. The plastic brush would have put me off too but your lashes look fab!

    Bless you bf for thinking to buy you mascara, how sweet! Mine wouldn't dare! x

    1. thank you, i owe all credit to this litte gem! the boy did good :) x

  3. I had to buy this during a mascara emergency (I had forgotten some when I wnt away)... and like you I didn't have high hopes, but I was so pleasently surprised and I love it now! x

  4. your eyelashes look amazing!!! xxx