22 August 2012

Roma, Part One

The lovely English weather sure is easing the transition, but there is no denying that the post-holiday come down sure does hit you with an almighty thump. Four nights and five days in Rome were absolutely glorious, there is no other way to describe the experience. There is so much I want to write about but I reckon a five-part post would be pushing it just a tad. So here goes the first instalment of two about my time in Rome. 
The hype and promise from my students that Italy was all things wonderful only lead to ever increasing excitement and anticipation for our trip. After a short two and a half hour sleep, we awoke at 2:30am ready to depart for the airport. A sleepy Stansted greeted us and a short flight later, we stepped off the plane to be welcomed by Italy's morning heat. A swift 40 minute coach ride to Rome's city centre and we were well on our way to getting our holiday started!

Our hotel was wonderful. The location was perfect, just outside the centre of the city and within walking distance to metros and to most attractions as well. Our room was huge which was an extremely pleasant surprise and in the 36 degree + heat, the air con was a god send. The staff couldn't have made us feel more welcome, from the concierge to the reception desk; Bellesuite, we salute you. 

On day one we were absolutely shattered from our early flight but, not wanting to waste a second we headed out in search of the Trevi Fountain. A five minute walk from our hotel and we were immersed in tourists all enjoying the same admiration for this wonderful piece of architecture as we were. It really was amazing. Finding a little bar down one of the side streets, we sought some shelter from the midday sun and enjoyed our first refreshing taste of proper Italian beer. 

That evening we ventured back to the Trevi Fountain area and found ourselves a lovely little Italian restaurant and after a delicious dinner and a glass of wine, walked back to our hotel to catch up on some much needed sleep in preparation for day two! 

The next day was full of adventures! We found it extremely easy to walk to wherever we wanted to go in Rome (well, Rob did. I, one evening, went in search of shampoo and an hour later after roaming around lost eventually made it back to the hotel! It is safe to say that my sense of direction leaves something to be desired). And so, for the majority of our stay that is exactly what we did; we walked and soaked in every inch of Italian culture we possibly could. Friday was host to visits to the Pantheon, Roman Forums and the Colosseum.
The views and architecture were once again out of this world and the weather as always was beautiful. Exhausted as we were, we were eager to venture out once more in search of Italy's best Roman cuisine and we found it in the form of a gorgeous little restaurant just off of Piazza Navona called Cantina e Cucina. After consuming the tastiest Bruschetta, Carbonara, Pizza and Italian ice cream ever, we indulged in cocktails before enjoying the walk back to our hotel in the evening heat.

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