06 August 2012

Ebb Or Flow, I Do It All

The past few days have been glorious. Friday brought an anniversary that I won't indulge into too much but, it shall always break my heart. Cue the best possible methods of comfort and I found myself being spoilt with a remedy of endless Harry Potter films and copious amounts of comfort food, which made an unbearable day became just about bearable.

Saturday brought some lovely weather to the sunshine coast where I currently reside, and with that a colourful lunch was consumed in the garden before Rob and I took pursuit of our first bike trip this year, soaking up some truly beautiful sunshine and sights.

One day, we will venture out early enough and be fit enough to complete the 14 mile cuckoo trail where these pictures were taken! (Gosh darn the crippling of bum cheeks that a cycle brings). There was a family of swans as you can see above, the baby cygnets so very nearly ready to shed their grey feathers. It was quite the sight and many a cyclist stopped to capture this happy little family.

Today was equally enjoyable when an impromptu day off work allowed me to spend some time with my family as we were entertained by the Moscow State Circus, who are in town this week. My mum, as always, was far too excited and nearly jumping out of her seat with excitement! I think she enjoyed it more than my 9 year old brother did, by far. 


  1. The circus sounds amazing, and I totally hear ya about the buns of steel needed for cycling. I hope you're ok after the anniversary xxxx

  2. I've not been to the circus in years, jealous! xx