29 January 2012

Sunday #4

1. I said I would do these Sunday posts to keep things up and coming a tad more regularly, but I am so far not doing a very job at keeping up with them. This week has consisted of your usual uni work overload leading to unhealthy amounts of procrastination and dissertation panics etc. etc. You now the drill by now. Get it together, Melita!

2. After a rather stressful detour to Basildon (how?!) from Brighton, Rob finally made it to Canterbury and we spent Friday night perving over the all too beautiful Zooey Deschanel in New Girl. If you haven't yet watched it, go and do it now! She is delightfully funny as are all the other characters and being the impatient couple that we are we ended up having a marathon and have finished the series. Now, if you would just hand over your hair Zooey, I'll be on my way...

3. The weather turned against us on Saturday night and a dinner date out turned into a dinner date in with Rob cooking up what can only be described as...half a cow! Cue steak with home cooked chilli potato wedges, pimento parmigiano salad topped off with hot Belgian chocolate fudge brownie pudding with vanilla ice cream, hoegaarden and rosé wine. A feast of kings, to say the least!

4. Today's plan was to adventure like the adventurers we are to Whitstable for the first time, but British weather being dependable as ever resulted in one too many showers so those plans were saved for a sunny day. Plan B was to go to a café in Canterbury and drink cups of tea whilst painting pottery but we didn't realise that we had to make reservations so that was plan B out the window. Plan C? More food! Lunch in one of my favourite places in Canterbury, Boho Café. 

5. Now, hopefully you will have by now noticed the new blog header and with that, the new blog name, Hyper Heart. I had been pondering changing it for a while now and Rob once again leant a huge helping hand in designing and creating me a new header, which I am extremely grateful for! I took the name from lyrics by The National, which I had posted a while ago here. Hopefully it doesn't cause too much confusion as my blog URL has now also changed, so I must apologise in advance for the spamming via twitter/facebook and the blog just to get the message across to any readers! You likey or no lighty? Too far...


  1. that meal looks delish! and i agree new girl is so light heartedly funny... it makes me and hubs lol! x

  2. I love new girl! Zooey Deschanel is just hilarious!

    Love your blog header too :) xxx

  3. mm yummy food! making me drool over here :p cute blog xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  4. I love new girl! and would deff want the hair as well! x