11 January 2012

La Mode

The beautiful Clémence Poésy was my muse for this month's Motel Rocks Amassador task. We were asked to write about an inspirational style icon relating to our degree subject and quite frankly, the French don't come a lot more stylish. Have a read and a perve over how stunningly belle she is here!

Last night, Rob and I went to the cinema to watch The Iron Lady. We sat awkwardly in front of a cinema full of OAPs and ended up being completely fascinated by the depiction of a woman we admittedly, knew very little about. Meryl Streep gave a flawless performance as the older version of Margaret Thatcher. The film gives quite a sympathetic view into the life of the UK's first female Prime Minister and has a terribly sad ending which moved me to tears, (although that is quite easily done, be it films, TV or books). I'm interested to find out how factual the film is, but if you haven't yet seen it, I would definitely recommend it for an interesting watch. 

Next on my 'to watch' list is The Artist, has anybody seen it yet? 


  1. Clemence Posey always looks so amazing. The Iron Lady looks good but I won't go and see it because I studied Thatcher for A-Level and it was really boring! So I just don't want anything more to do with her haha.
    The Artist looks so good though! And love your post on the Motel blog by the way. x

    1. that's fair enough i guess!
      and thank you, glad you liked it! x

  2. Clememce Posey,yes,she's beautiful! gonna add The Iron Lady to my movie list and watch it soon,probably. thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Great Post!
    I awarded you a Kreativ Blogger award!

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  5. Mentioned you in my favourite bloggers post :) Take a look! http://jazxo.blogspot.com/2012/01/favourite-bloggers.html xo

  6. I'm seeing The Artist tomorrow :) I can't wait, it looks wonderful! Love your blog xoxo

  7. aahh so want to see the artist as well, everyone in my class keeps talking about it and it keeps making me jealous! thankyou for your lovely comment on my post earlier btw :).x