24 October 2011

Raconte-Moi Une Histoire

Me: Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Camieu 
Shoes: New Look
Rob: Hoody: American Apparel
T-Shirt: Diamond Supply Co.
Jeans: Topman
Shoes: Vans
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
It may be getting chillier outside as October draws to a close but the sun is still doing its up most to keep the days looking radiant. So this weekend Rob and I (I've been told off for my referral to him on here as 'the boy') to Herne bay in Kent. I have lived in Canterbury for over two years and yet this is my first trip to the seaside which, being a born and bread seaside town girl makes me a little ashamed of myself if I'm honest. It was such a beautiful day as you can see from my 19282748487 photos above filled with pots of tea, walks along the sand and lots of happy snapping. On a less positive note, it also ended in me slipping off a seaweed covered groin right onto that bit where bum meets leg; oh good LORD the pain! You know the kind of pain when you hit your coccyx bone on something and there are no words or sounds to express your pain just open mouthed, wobbly stumblings? It was that kind of pain. But injuries aside it was lovely, followed today by a lunch date in café Boho, Canterbury, which has also taken me over two years to sample. If you ever find yourself in Canterbury's neck of the woods I would definitely recommend eating here, it's so intimate and qwerky and the food is delicious.

In other news I am about to burst with excitement at the pile of presents wrapped on my desk for THE BOY'S birthday. Wrapped in sweet covered wrapping paper they look a treat! I cannot wait to go home tomorrow and see my family and spend some time in little Eastbourne. Lots to celebrate this week as you'll know from my previous post and I canny bloomin' wait!

Oh, and we went with my house mates to a quiz in one of the uni bars on Sunday night and were elated to hear that we had won! Only to find out two minutes later that due to bad maths and maybe one too many pints, we had actually come second. Still, not bad for our first attempt and two bottles of prize wine later we are content! QUIZ-TEAM AGUILERA FTW! 

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