28 October 2011

Blue Water

Possibly the best wrapping paper ever?!

I'm like a child who prefers the box to the present inside, but it's just SO beautiful!


A few snaps from the 26th October when Rob turned 22, or in other words, the day he realised he is halfway to 44! I honestly don't know who was more excited about the presents, me or him, but it cannot be denied that that is some pretty awesome wrapping paper. His main present was a burgundy Ralph Lauren shirt (unfortunately a tad too big- skinny witch- so an extra small is to be ordered). But when it arrives I will show it to you in all it's glory. For now, let us admire the beautiful packaging shall we? 

Rob wanted a new wardrobe for his birthday so we spent the day in Bluewater shopping centre. It was also my first time on the motorway and mid-drive the heavens opened and it was torrential downpour hell. There was so much spray coming off tyres it created a thick fog and it was unbelievably busy; I basically thought I might die on the M25. But we finally made it to Bluewater and had a good nose around the shops. I'm quite lucky that Rob likes shopping and is usually quite happy to browse the girl's sections too. Unfortunately, my bank card does not currently share this joy and so it was pure window shopping on my behalf.

It was a chance to discover though that there are some horrendous coats on sale at the moment (see above). Fit, no? Definitely no. When I lack money I seem to take pleasure from finding and trying on the most hideous items I can. The bin bag 3/4 length puffa jacket above, for example. I dragged Rob into this too and tada! The photographic evidence speaks for itself. I hope you're laughing as much as we were. 

We ended the trip with a visit to the new Cadbury's Cocoa House with the most delicious hot chocolate and home made chocolate fudge cake. The savoury food ordered by the table behind us looked a dream as well so a re-visit for lunch is a must on our next visit. For now, I am looking forward to what I am sure will be a beautiful wedding tomorrow! Fingers and toes and all other crossable limbs crossed for decent October weather. 


  1. hehe that wrapping looks tasty! :P
    that 44 year old thing, really got me laughing, because next year I am turning 20, and I realized that then I am going to be one fifth century old! :D
    looks like you gad a great time! ;)

  2. oh my that chocolate cake needs to get in my life right this instant, that looks divine. looks like a great day out - happy birthday to rob, hope he enjoyed himself. :)

    jade. xx

  3. Happy birthday to Rob! haha, looks like you both had a good day. The Ralph Lauren box is gorgeous.


  4. i understand why you haven't found the perfect winter coat now!

  5. I love blue water! Went to uni close by in canters...you have serious wrapping skills! :) great blog

    Lauryn x

  6. LOL... I love the jackets!!!

  7. im like that too - the box is the most important thing...

  8. I love the wrapping paper! The Ralph Lauren box IS gorgeous.

    I know what you mean about driving to Bluewater, I passed my test in January and still have the biggest phobia of motorways! I drive to Bluewater quite often on the M25 though, so I'm hoping that'll slowly cure my fear.