25 March 2012

Sunday #6

1. March has been tough, really tough. Mainly consisting of the above picture all day every day. It is getting scarily close to the end of uni now and people just don't warn you about final year. Or maybe they do and we just think 'pft, I can do that!' Boy oh boy, it is hard work. So here's a little update as to what has been happening in these past few weeks of blog silence, it's not quite all libraries and tests, I promise. 

2. Last weekend, it was Mothering Sunday and I went home to spend the day with my mum. We didn't do anything particularly special but I don't think I have seen my mum properly since the Christmas holidays so it was nice to be able to have a proper catch up with her. She was spoiled with cards, flowers, chocolates and perfume so I think she had a nice day. Visits home always seem so short, I really do miss it a lot. 

3. So a fair few weeks ago now (heck, it's nearly Easter already) I decided to give up meat for Lent. And, I am proud to say that I haven't fallen off the bandwagon once! Did any of you give anything up? Any success? I'm quite surprised at how little I have been craving meat, mostly only when I've had an alcoholic beverage or drive past KFC. Although, going to my Mum's last weekend was killer. Seeing everybody else's plates piled high with roast pork and knowing that I couldn't have any of it was the toughest test, let me tell you. My mum cooks THE best roast dinners imaginable, it must be her magic Filipino touch. My 16374658 extra roast potatoes very nearly made up for it though. It is definitely not a life choice for me, pass the T-bone. 

4. On Thursday I got an email confirming that the summer language school that I worked for last summer had accepted my application to work for them again. This is a huge relief as not only do I love the job (it's basically being paid to play in the sun/go sight seeing/ party), but job hunting is so stressful. It is nice to know that I will be spending my summer outdoors once again and for a good chunk of my time off I will be earning a half decent wage. 

5. Next weekend I will be going home again to celebrate not only my mum's birthday but my sister's 18th. My mum is throwing a huge party for her, her friends and all our family so it is sure to be a wonderful occasion. It is something to look forward to after what seems like endless days of watching others play in the sun while I bury my head in  books. And, what makes it even more exciting is that I will finally be meeting my half sister for the first time since I was little! She has 3 beautiful children too, so I can't wait to meet my niece and nephews. If that isn't motivation to get through this work load, then I don't know what is! 

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